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Kalyana, the garrison of the fort of Kalubaruga opposed them.
Therefore Krsnaraya .Rainaraja) halted at the place, aisd
having thrown his jamucadi into the fort he commanded the
chiefs that accompanied him to fetch it. They hesitated ; but
Sadaúiva Nayaka attacked the fort with great fury and
captured it within an hour. The Ray a was greatly astonished
at his unusual valour and bestowed on him the title of Kone
Kolahala. He also overcame at Jaleyapale, a chief called
Yedava Murari. who defied Krsnaraya (Rarnaraja), and obtain-
ed the title of Kote-youda Yedavamurari.
Ksljdiwrpa.'Dija.yam : 2: 1-24.
Krsnaraya (Ramaraja) summoned Sadasiva Nayaka to his
presence, and commanded him to abase the pride of Barlda
Padužaha who had risen up against him,
Barlda Padusaha was very much enraged when he heard
that an expedition was launched against him. Placing himself
at the head of an army, and accompanied by his brave
ministers, he marched towards his frontier to oppose the
invaders. When the two armies met, a fierce battle was
fought. The Mussalman king Barida, who was seated in a
howdah on the back of an elephant, led his troops to the
attack. Sadasiva Nayaka advanced upon him on a horse, and
skilfully cut with his sword the ropes holding the howdah in
position; but Barlda who was skilled in wrestling leaped on the
back of another elephant, and having rallied his scattered
troops, turned round and attacked his assailants with fury.
Sadasiva Nayaka, however, stood his ground firmly, and put to
flight the enemy that came swarming around him. Having
defeated the forces of Barldasaha in this manner he captured
him together with his ministers and insignia and placed him
before the Raya. Kržnaraya (Ramaraja) was greatly pleased
with the success of Sadasiva ; and as a mark of bis esteem lie
conferred upon him the titles of Aridale Megka$amb<ir*% and
, and presented to him several jewel* including the